Certified Zero Landfill

Get Your Facility to Zero Landfill

Let us help you achieve third-party certified #ZeroLandfill.

For facility managers and sustainability officers of manufacturing and distribution operations, reducing waste to landfill helps maintain compliance, maximize savings, and leverage sales growth opportunities. But for most facilities, reaching zero waste goals are much easier said than done. Dialing in your zero landfill plan can be time consuming for operations managers and Environmental, Health and Safety managers, and this is why companies partner with Link International. We have the people and process in place to make your 3rd Party Certified Zero Landfill goal a reality.

A New Perspective on Your Waste Stream Management Program

We offer a cost-effective system to help your team monitor, manage, and reduce all waste streams. Link handles everything from scrap metal to universal waste, such as batteries and light bulbs. We utilize auditing, research, and reporting procedures to ensure efficiency, quality control, and regulatory compliance.


Zero Waste Consulting


Our process starts with an audit and review of all your waste streams. Our team of experts will perform an on-site waste audit of your facility to determine collection points, bin locations, material separation and recycling equipment efficiencies.

Zero Waste Researching


We then conduct a cost-benefit analysis to develop a cost-savings and sustainable approach to meet your goals and comply with government regulations. This involves researching alternatives to identify best solutions for cost-efficient landfill diversion.

Zero Waste Reporting


Once approved, your plan is put into action with on-site training and support. We provide comprehensive sustainability reports to track and showcase the progress of your facility’s environmental and cost-savings achievements. This 3rd party certified data provides evidence of governmental compliance along with your sustainability wins.

We provide economical and environmentally sustainable solutions to get your facility to zero landfill fast.  

Creating Your Team

Creating Your On-Site Green Team

Improving your waste and recycling processes can increase your brand’s external reputation as a socially responsible company, as well as promote positive company culture. Developing an environmental sustainability “Green Team” is a great first step in tackling your waste diversion goals.

Link International Inc. works side by side with sustainability officers, facilities managers, and Green Teams to implement an efficient program unique to your facility’s needs. This helps ensure your facility reaches zero waste goals and leverages cost savings opportunities. Link utilizes reports, inspections and on-site training techniques to support your company’s zero landfill strategy.

Sustainability Champions stand at the forefront of waste diversion efforts and work alongside other warehouse employees to strengthen your company’s environmental sustainability program. They are chosen for their ability to encourage an eco-friendly culture within your warehouse and set sustainability standards for all other employees. 

With our support, the team of Sustainability Champions will be instrumental in boosting morale and promoting accountability for effective sustainability solutions and processes. 

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If your facility needs help developing a sustainability program to achieve your waste diversion goals, Link can provide cost-effective, green solutions. Let our team of experts evaluate your operation and implement a plan today.