Sustainability Reporting

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Milestones Made Simple

waste stream reporting dashboard

Every aspect of the Link International Inc. landfill diversion and waste stream process is trackable, measurable, and reportable. Data including commodity types, waste volumes and tonnages, treatment methods, and pounds diverted can be monitored from a password protected waste reporting dashboard.

Our system provides visibility over all waste streams in one simple dashboard. Data and invoices from vendors are verified by Link as a 3rd party and provided through streamlined reporting. Clients can log into our system to generate custom reports and export data and graphs that can be presented to build top line brand recognition. 

Leverage Metrics for Marketing

environmentally sustainable company advantage

These graphs and reports are a useful tool in sharing your company’s environmental sustainability journey and commitment to your customers and stakeholders. 

With our help, your branding team can utilize your month over month and year over year waste stream reports to set your company apart as an environmental leader in both conventional and social media. Link International Inc’s. reporting can give you an edge in a market where customers are opting to spend more to support companies that demonstrate corporate responsibility.