Government Compliance

Government Compliance

Comply with state and regional waste diversion regulations.

Due to complex environmental issues — global warming, plastic ocean pollution, and deforestation to name a few — and public perception of these these, businesses have a responsibility to prioritize sustainability. Additionally, state and local lawmakers in key states like California and Texas have taken the lead and put regulations in place to keep commercial waste out of landfills.

While regulatory compliance is mandatory, waste reduction programs can also help businesses in a number of unexpected ways when properly handled by an experienced partner. Link International Inc. has processes for financially lean, forward-thinking companies wanting to build sustainability into their brands.

Standardizing compliant and efficient processes for the collection, sorting, hauling, and recycling of waste materials can be challenging for distribution and manufacturing operations. This process is often too time consuming for busy Environmental Health & Safety managers and facility managers to tackle on top of their existing duties.

It is our goal to provide sustainability solutions that help achieve regulatory compliance, promote a zero waste operation, and capitalize on compliance to increase brand reputation.

Ensuring & Achieving Government Compliance

Compliance Benefits and Rewards

Compliance Benefits & Rewards

In addition to complying with regulation, businesses will enjoy a number of social and economic benefits by adhering to government mandates. These benefits will aid in top line sales growth by solidifying a business’s reputation as an eco-friendly operation. Some of the main impacts include: 

  • Brand recognition as a leading sustainable company and good corporate steward
  • Average 3% increase in top line sales growth from publishing sustainability performance
  • Savings in operating costs due to a decrease in landfill disposal costs
  • Rebates offered for proper sorting of recyclables
  • Promote the creation of new green jobs 
  • Facilitate development of cleaner communities for current and future generations 

State Compliance Examples

Waste & Recycling Mandates

In California, AB341 was enacted in 2012 with a goal of 75% waste disposal reduction by 2020, equivalent to reducing 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. The bill implemented regulations for generators to reduce their commercial waste through recycling services.

Similarly, in Austin, Texas, Resolution No. 20050519-44 was adopted by the city council with the goal of 20% reduction in per capita solid waste by 2012 and zero waste to landfills and incinerators by 2040.

We’re working hard to help clients achieve compliance with these regulations and exceed disposal reduction requirements.

Let Us Help

If your facility is struggling with government compliance, we can help. The team at Link International Inc. has the knowledge and experience to evaluate your operation and streamline your efforts towards zero landfill.