Link International Reaching Zero Waste
Link International Inc.Reaching zero landfill is important if companies want to help create an eco-friendly community.

Environmental Sustainability Solutions in Los Angeles.

Providing Los Angeles Facilities with Responsible and Compliant Waste Solutions & Reporting

Link International Inc. provides environmental sustainability solutions in Los Angeles to forward thinking organizations that want to reduce the amount of overall waste. Link International Inc. is a one stop waste service that works with companies worldwide to develop customized sustainability programs and maintain governmental compliance by using a 3rd party certification process. 

This process validates what a company’s distribution, manufacturing, and office operation is doing with their waste streams. Our clients can then use their reporting results to improve their brand’s reputation as a socially responsible company, and increase brand loyalty.        

For over a decade, Link International Inc. has provided successful sustainability services including: waste consulting, certified destruction, waste solutions, and data collection to hundreds of companies who reported that Link has had exceptional service.

Environmental sustainability solutions in Los Angeles

Our Mission 

At Link International Inc., we focus our efforts on aiding Los Angeles area companies in becoming more environmentally friendly. Our mission is to help organizations reach zero landfill in a cost-effective manner and actually improve their bottom line. This means creating logical environmental sustainability plans geared towards optimal landfill diversion. We custom-tailor each waste management program to fit the needs of our clients. Once achieved, our program not only helps companies become more eco-friendly, they can also champion green solutions for their industry and surrounding community. 

Reviews & Testimonials 

We just handed everything over to them and they executed the system. Link International Inc. came in and learned the facilities and the processes without guidance from us. Link International Inc. reached out to vendors, took over the bills; and gave us everything we need to track and report on a successful sustainability program. Thanks to them, we went for dealing with 10-12 vendors to only communicating with them. They simplified the entire system.

Jon R.Sr. Manager Global Facilities

Link International Inc. came in and did all the training and set up. Joel and his team controlled the whole onboarding process and they did an excellent job of making sure everyone was trained properly. He had a vision as to how the program should be set up. After a few months, they were even able to review the data and see where improvements could be made and they created more efficiency in the program. We were Net Zero in no time and maintain it to this day. Joel knows what he is doing and Link International Inc. makes it incredibly easy to do the right thing when it comes to sustainability.

Gail H.Head of Sustainability

Link International Inc. is a great company to work with. They came in and made the transition seamless. Joel and his staff are professional and very knowledgeable. They looked at the data and determined exactly what needed to be implemented in order for our facility to get to zero landfill, which we did within a matter of months. Communication is key and Link International Inc. did a fantastic job of keeping us informed.

Joe P.Facilities Manager

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Let Link International Inc. help your Los Angeles area company create a cost-effective waste management program so you can start working towards zero landfill. Our dedicated team ensures both CEOs and facilities managers have the resources they need to implement and track operational waste solutions.