What it is like to work with Link International

Many businesses today know they need to improve their sustainability programs and processes not only for CSR, but for a better bottom line. Usually the biggest question is, “How to start?” Some choose to handle these issues in-house, while other choose to hire 3rd party companies like Link International to develop better systems.  

Ultimately teams must decide which option is best for their business by weighing the pros and cons of each (hyperlink to our article “Why Hire 3rd Party Companies). With EPA regulations and State mandates, many companies choose to contract with Link International to manage and monitor the final disposition of all waste and recycling leaving an operation.  Sustainability programs that are developed and managed by a 3rd party like ours, proactively avoid costly government environmental fines for properly disposing of certain waste streams.  Brand protection and company exposures are concerns.  The 2017 cost is now $70,117.00 per violation, per day for unsafe disposal of both solid waste and any waste designated as hazardous.

If you choose to work with a 3rd party, you will be guided through a focused process to get down to the main issues affecting your company. Here is what you can expect from a 3rd party company like Link International:

Situation Analysis

When we have a new inquiry for our company, we call them back to understand what type of service they feel they need. We ask them some questions about their existing programs, including waste and recycling as well as what their overall goals are for landfill diversion and sustainability. From there we ask for documentation (aka invoices), or set up an appointment to tour the facility at which time we ask for the documentation. During our tour, we identify areas of opportunity for change along with gaining a better understanding of what systems and processes are currently in place.

Baseline Review

After analyzing the documentation and our gatherings from touring facilities, we create a baseline review of their sustainability efforts. At this point, we include a playbook of what we can offer that will add value to their business and present our strategy. Businesses then have time to review our findings and get back with us with questions, comments, etc. We work then to iron out additional details such as where they want to start, how far down the sustainability track they want to go. If businesses elect to sign with us, we set up a project report for them to follow. We try to make things as easy as we possibly can given the complex nature of sustainability.

Implementation + Evaluation

Once details are settled and contracts signed, we get to work implementing the agreed upon plans for the business. We connect businesses to new vendors or work with their current ones to implement more sustainable and cost effective systems.

Our clients can expect a trusted partner as we are both highly geared toward building strong relationships. We heavily utilize our project report to ensure goals are met. This has a timeline for both parties to meet the goals we lay down.

Many businesses that work with us comment how they did not realize how complicated sustainability and waste management truly is. Although supporting an in-house team for this task is doable, companies like ours work are experts in the field and are able to quickly implement cost-effective systems and connect you to partners that will help you long-term. To find out more about working with Link International, contact us today.