What is landfill diversion & why does it matter?

How can your landfill diversion

Drive Sales Growth?

Why is landfill diversion important?

Trash disposal is an expensive cost of any operation. The average disposal cost per ton in the US is $53.72. By properly sorting your operations’ waste streams at the source, you create opportunities to offset or reduce the cost of disposal. 

More importantly, by sharing your commitment to sustainability through waste reduction, you create an opportunity to grow sales by an additional 3%. By using our sustainability reporting & dashboard, you have the right messaging at your finger tips to build your brand and grow your market share.

Not sure what all that might mean for you? Use our Cost Savings & Growth Calculator to determine your potential.

Let us manage your landfill diversion program and help your operation save costs and grow revenue.

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What is Landfill Diversion?

We’re glad you asked! Check out this waste diversion infographic to learn more about what it is and how we help.

Managing Your Waste Streams Sustainably

Getting a handle on all materials leaving your facility is an important step to tackling your waste diversion goals, and Link can help you get there.

We help manage the following:

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