How We’ve Helped Companies Save

Hiring a 3rd party sustainability company can be overwhelming. Questions like “but can they really help me” or “is it worth the money?” are common. Don’t take our word for it, see how we have helped several of our customers not only solve their problems, but saved them money at the same time.

Customer Case 1

One of our customers, a commercial lighting manufacturer, struggled with securing an alternative solution to landfill that would achieve sustainability goal of total landfill diversion while reducing operations costs, as well as finding a way to eliminate the need for call in service scheduling.

For us to begin this challenge, we first conducted a full facility evaluation focusing on waste types, generation points, equipment capabilities and location. This evaluation process helped us first identify new vendor/partner service capabilities and equipment requirements.

After analyzing the results, we then worked with the customer to transition from their current vendor to new a vendor that could better suit their needs and help them reach their goals. From there we helped facilitate equipment improvements once the new vendor services were established.

For the customer, reaching their goal was two-fold. They knew they needed to achieve 100% landfill diversion certification and wanted to change service partners and introduce new equipment without operating cost increasing. In order to achieve this we searched for local vendors and chose technology that would improve equipment efficiency and reduce equipment utilization when combined would reduce operating costs.

The results? We achieved one of two goals almost immediately with the other on the way. The first was over 80% complete; operating cost savings were realized within the first month of the transition. With our solutions, the projected annual operating cost savings would exceed $60,000 and tracking to achieve 100% landfill diversion within 12 months of initial program implementation had begun.

Customer Case 2

Another customers we worked with was a finished goods manufacturer located in the Midwest. Their challenge was the removal of hazardous material from general plant trash stream and the need to secure a beneficial reuse option.

We first began with a waste audit. We collected a representative sample of the waste to help identify the acceptable storage and transportation container. Once approved from the customer we began to manage, monitor and report all reuse activities.

Within our audit we discovered hazardous material and it was critical to remove waste powder paint stream from general trash and divert it to beneficial reuse/recycling. It was also essential to safely separate powder paint and be able to store it in acceptable/recyclable containers.

Link International’s results? We managed to successfully separated potentially hazardous waste powder paint from general trash and therein avoided possible local EPA and regulatory violations and/or fines.  Also, we utilized used cardboard containers previously used for new paint product as the waste paint storage shipping container, which resulted in overall waste reduction.  Our systems also allowed the plant to utilize the waste fiber drums without incurring additional cost for new storage/shipping containers.

As you can see, each customer we work with is different. We have the skills to come into any situation and quickly identify the main issues and develop economical systems that not only help sustainability goals, but save customers on costs, both short and long-term. If your company is struggling and looking for sustainable solutions, Link International Inc can help. Contact us today to see how we many be able to help and help your company with their bottom line.