Trends Impacting the Future of Sustainability

The world of environmental sustainability is continually changing from new technology discovery and external factors facing the industry. This year, several trends have emerged, impacting the future of what we can expect in sustainability.

Look at recent trends:

  1. Zero Waste Programs — With consumers placing large emphasis on purchasing from green companies, the need for businesses to focus on increasing their recycling and waste disposal has become pivotal. It is because of these consumer trends that the need for zero waste programs has significantly increased, causing businesses to search for experts and third party assistance to bring turnkey solutions, like what is provided here at Link International Inc.


  1. Focus on Water — Water has always been an area of concern in manufacturing and it is increasingly becoming an area of focus. Businesses are realizing there is a growing scarcity of water in many high traffic manufacturing locations and with the uncertainty of climate changes. This scarcity is forcing businesses to find better water-saving solutions and likely will results in the development of new technology.


  1. Environmental Reporting — Consumers today are demanding transparency from companies about their green efforts. This has placed an increased focus on systematic and accurate reporting methods to be developed and streamlined. In earlier years, many companies relied on internal reporting, but with the need for transparency, most are opting to hire third parts companies to measure, analyze, and develop official reporting on sustainability measure. Companies like ours interface with businesses from an unbiased viewpoint and give accurate reporting with no inside interests to alter the findings.


  1. Product Design — In the past businesses had established products and focused on creating as high a profit margin as possible. As the need for environmental regulation came into the picture, companies were forced to look at ways of reducing waste and minimizing their impact on the environment with their current processes and systems to create a quality product. Today businesses are realizing the importance of developing products with sustainability as part of the initial design process. This mindset allows businesses to think about the whole picture with their impact in mind first, instead of having to work backwards. This saves time and money on the front-end as opposed to having to alter entire systems.


With external factors hitting businesses, having sustainability at the forefront of their mind is the cost-saving solution to dealing with the unknown future of their industries. Many times, having outside sources like Link International, can help identify trends approaching the industry and help companies make the best decisions to see increase ROI and sustainability effects met.