Sustainability: The 2017 Outlook

The year of 2016 is quickly coming to a close and businesses are looking towards the future. What does one need to look forward to in 2017 and what trends will be making an impact on them? Having foresight of what is heading your way is the best means to prepare for the coming year.

  1. Continued Focus on Sustainability Programs – As the globe embraces green practices and supporting those who protect our environment, businesses that have refrained from investing in sustainability are now having to take a serious look at changing their processes.
  2. Crack Down on Compliance – With the continued focus on sustainability, governments are becoming more serious with their compliance goals and fining businesses not meeting regulated standards. There will come a point in the near future where the cost to ignore compliance and the cost of meeting specified standards will become high enough to force all businesses to comply.
  3. Growth of Careers in Sustainability – Dramatic growth in the sustainability industry has also caused an influx of careers. Businesses have the options of hiring their own sustainability employees or hiring 3rd party companies to assist in helping businesses implement sustainable programs and keep them in place. Companies who hire employees often find value in partnering with companies like Link International as well as they provide the added value of 3rd party program verification and documentation with the government.
  4. Sustainable Supply Chains – In order to be considered a truly sustainable business, you cannot just look at yourself, but also your supply chain. Businesses such as Walmart are leading the charge by making larger demands to their suppliers to meet sustainability standards and transparent reporting.
  5. Increased Marketing Focus – It seems every day a new study is being released reporting businesses experiencing success with consumers because of their focus on being a green business. This market trend will have an impact not just on how businesses build and provide their services/products, but also how they market them. 2017 will be another year of businesses heavily marketing themselves are green and good for the environment to increase sales. The question is, do they have the numbers and results to back up the claims? This is where transparency in reporting help businesses honestly make these claims without fear of backlash from consumers.

These are predictions of course, but focusing on these factors could set you apart from your competition. Forward thinking and assistance from Link International could not only help you stay ahead of these trends, but could help you save money in the process.