What to do with plastic waste?

Optimizing value and social responsibility through

Plastic Waste Stream Management

Responsibility Through Plastics Recycling

Let’s face it: plastic gets a bad rap. Recycling plastic can get confusing. Most plastics are made from crude oil and take over 450 years to breakdown in a landfill. Despite best efforts, landfills are where most consumer plastic ends up — if it’s not  among the 8 million tons per day to pollute the ocean. But, especially in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, plastic plays a key role in manufacturing and distribution operations.

Ensuring your plastic waste has a responsible end life is key to maintaining social responsibility, but it comes with immense challenges. Our team is here to help.

Leverage your plastics recycling program for maximum value and environmental sustainability with Link.

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How do you recycle plastic?

After your operation utilizes plastic material, it’s important to responsibly manage their end of life through an effective recycling program.

The Link team helps break down the links to success for a high value, sustainable plastics recycling program.

Preparing for Peak Performance

Is your equipment ready for an uncertain peak season during these unprecedented times? With continued uncertainty related to the pandemic, be certain about your equipment’s reliability.

Contact us for questions or more information on our Preventative Maintenance programs and solutions, so you can keep your processes running without a hitch.

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Managing Plastics & Achieving #ZeroLandfill

Getting a handle on your downstream plastics supply chain is an important step to tackling your waste diversion goals, and Link can help you get there.

We can help manage the following, in addition to plastics:

  • Vendor consolidation (all waste streams — 1 invoice!)
  • Cardboard
  • Box reuse
  • Food waste
  • Destruction loads of obsolete inventory
  • Universal waste
  • Metals
  • Pallets
  • Warehouse Optimization
  • Trash & single stream recycling
  • Hazardous waste
  • Equipment and containers
  • Verification of vendor outlets

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