Making Business Sustainable: Starting Tips

Turning a business in the direction of sustainability can be overwhelming. Moving towards sustainable goals not only benefits the environment, but your bottom line. Get started implementing sustainable practices with these beginner tips.

1. Define Sustainability — The term sustainability can have multiple meanings to different stakeholders. You must first identify as an organization what the term means to you before you can implement any programs.

2. Start Small — It can be difficult to generate momentum when it comes to implementing a sustainability program, which is why you need to start small. Pick easily achievable, short-term realistic goals. Once these are accomplished, your company will be encouraged to tackle larger goals.

3. Reduce Your Paper Footprint — Paper is one of the largest forms of waste in business. You can begin reducing waste within your company, and in turn saving on paper costs, by printing less and transitioning more systems to digital documents.

4. Save Energy — Having electronics plugged in overnight wastes energy. Have employees turn off computers and gadgets at the end of each day. Using power strips is a simple and effective way to make this process easy for employees.

5. Green Supply Chain — Network with other businesses in your area that have sustainability programs in place. Going green is not a solo act. Partnering with the companies in your supply chain can often create fresh ideas (and friendly competition). Note that you need to make sure your supply chain is also green.

6. Seek Experts — The more you know about sustainability, the better you will be able to make wise choices for your company. Seek out experts in the industry to help you begin implementing sustainability programs. Link International’s experts work in the field day-in-day-out and can quickly identify your company’s needs.

7. Communicate and Report — Any changes and programs begun within an organization must be communicated to stakeholders. Tracking data and benchmarking are key to track any success. It is then that a 3rd party company should be present to ensure correct measurement and documentation of sustainability programs.

If you are unsure where to start or how to begin the process towards a sustainable business, contact us. We have helped companies of all sizes, both large and small. As an objective resource, we are able to identify where there are savings while moving towards being green, as well as help implement programs for immediate compliance needs your company may be facing. Any beginning to a new program starts with the first step. As with life, progress is better than perfection.