Improving Supply Chains

One of the largest discussions in the sustainability world this year has been the topic of supply chains. Whether you call your sustainability program “responsible sourcing” or “supply chain sustainability”, the main point is that these programs help businesses identify and reduce risk and even generate value. With all the benefits these programs present, there are still two main issues that impact the effectiveness and value of them: visibility and collaboration.  


Many reports have been done this year and the consensus is that most businesses have a severe lack of visibility within their supply chains, and most are unaware unaware of it. This lack of visibility comes from not measuring and reporting properly within the supply chain. If systems are not implemented and properly measured on a regular basis, businesses are unable to see how to improve their bottom line. For Link International, visibility in the supply chain systems we implement is essential to the cost savings of our customers.


The other main issue in the supply chain world that has been identified by several experts is the need to have collaboration between companies and their supply chain vendors. This collaboration is necessary as the “global production and use of consumer goods account for more than 60 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, 80 percent of water usage and two-thirds of tropical forest loss globally.” It is only through collaboration that we can work together to improve sustainability efforts not just nationally, but globally. This collaboration between businesses and supply chains can also make products both economically attractive and sustainable in the future.

For Link International, these two issues facing the sustainability world have always been a priority for us. Vendors that we partner with focus on reporting and visibility as they know it saves customers’ bottom line. They collaborate with us on their practices that we are able to pass along to our customers to help their overall businesses become even more sustainable. If you are interested in finding a partner to help your supply chain, connect with us today.