Why Hire 3rd Party Sustainability Companies?

In today’s work of sustainability, many companies are moving towards increased processes and accountability in sustainability programs and reporting. Some companies are hiring internal teams to manage these additional tasks, while others are opting to hire 3rd party companies like Link International for their sustainability initiatives.

Here’s why many are choosing to outsource sustainability efforts:

Unbiased Outlook

Companies like ours are able to come in with an unbiased, uncompromised view of current systems, reporting and processes.

For example, many recycling companies are looking for tons to send directly to internal plants or plants of partners domestically and abroad with whom they may have contracts. Thus, they are typically looking for throughput. This often results in a narrow focus for the scope of sustainability efforts, return, and cost reduction. Link is completely independent of these types of relationships. While we do have vetted partners with whom we work, we are constantly looking for new connections to expand our network, and do not have contracted relationships thus giving us a much higher level of freedom.

Higher Standards

Link International can also provide unbiased 3rd party certification of a company’s sustainability program, as well as ongoing reporting that is accepted by local and state governments such as California, which has a higher level of oversight than most states.


Companies find it attractive working with 3rd party companies as they are able to consolidate all vendors for waste, recycling, etc, and can manage them all together. This saves people a lot of money, typically thousands of dollars annually, in salaries and pay going toward a portion of their business that isn’t typically generating revenue or savings. Also, many of these companies don’t have the time and knowledge to really investigate areas of diversion that most people don’t know about or think of, such as light bulb recycling. Link International can typically consolidate 3-6 vendors initially, and that jumps as our relationship grows.

For some, hiring an internal staff can seem like the right decisions to handle their sustainability programs, but many are discovering the massive benefits from partnering with 3rd party companies. With the expanded relationships they have across the nation to the time and savings they can give companies, why not connect with a company like ours to see if a mutually beneficial relationship will benefit your organization? Send us an email or give us a call today to get started.