Corporate Sustainability

Why the drive to environmental corporate sustainability? 

It’s the next logical step. Over the past 20 Years, consumers have started to expect more from the companies with whom they regularly do business with. Consumers are no longer satisfied with companies that are just environmentally compliant. This public attitude has created a significant movement in the industry to become more conscious of environmental impact both from the manufacturing process and the life cycle of their products. Corporations are changing the way they perceive their environmental responsibilities, which is no longer based solely on regulations. Those corporations are also finding that achieving real environmental sustainability (i.e., zero landfill, energy use reduction, water conservation, etc.) can be financially rewarding as well.


What are the typical challenges? 

Resources…Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) personnel are already stretched thin to simply maintain compliance with environmental and safety programs. The hours for research and analysis of current practices , optimal vendor options, and vendor compliance assurance can be overwhelming to an already time-crunched EHS manager. To meet those needs, Harbor, a leading environmental consulting firm in Arkansas, has formed a strategic alliance with Link International, Inc. Link International inc is a full service waste and recycling solutions company headquartered in Southern California. The Harbor/Link Team can provide turn-key corporate sustainability options that help EHS managers meet those key performance indicators (KPIs) set by corporate.


How to get started?

It’s critical to know the existing landscape prior to identifying opportunities for improvement with any business system, not just corporate sustainability. The experienced Harbor/Link Team evaluates waste management, energy management, and conservation strategies at single sites or corporate-wide to identify opportunities for improvement. The goal of the initial work is to gather sufficient data to develop alternatives that move companies closer to corporate sustainability targets or to provide EHS managers with assurance that current programs are cutting edge. Implementation of our corporate sustainability systems includes securing the vendor outlets for wastes at pre-negotiated national pricing, assuring those vendors are compliant and responsibly handling materials creating management and reporting systems driven by specific KPIs. As further incentive, current clients averaged $60,000 in reduced waste costs in Year One of Link’s program over the last 10 years.


Our Harbor/Link Team takes great pride in being on the forefront of the sustainability movement. Ultimately, we are all dedicated to affecting positive change in business practices that create greater profitability for our clients and increased sustainability for our shared environment.


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