Are you leveraging your pallets for sustainability?

How are you leveraging your

Wood Pallets?

Why is pallet management important?

Having effective processes for procuring pallets and recycling scrap pallets helps maximize your site’s space, labor, spend, and sustainability. Excess pallet accumulation reduces available storage for product in your facility and creates safety hazards, while not having enough pallets can derail production timelines. With the global shortage of 48×40 pallets still in sight as we head into peak season, it’s important to ensure your facility has enough to support the operation, while properly disposing of any scrap pallets for repair or recycling.

With a continually unpredictable lumber market, it’s vital to have effective training on best practices for proper handling and visibility on the market will inform responsible purchase plans.

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What challenges & opportunities can pallets create?

At a minimum of 25lb each, pallets are one of the bulkiest waste streams. Having the right pallet recycling program in place can help improve landfill diversion, reduce disposal costs, avoid safety issues, and free up valuable floor space.

Managing Your Waste Streams Sustainably

Getting a handle on all materials leaving your facility is an important step to tackling your waste diversion goals, and Link can help you get there.

We help manage the following:

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