Your company needs a sustainability program. Are you leading the charge? Our revolutionary process makes your change management headache disappear. Watch Video to See How Are you perceived as an industry leader? Our transparent and data-driven sustainability process puts you in control. Watch Video to See How Is making your facility more sustainable affecting your time and budget? Our waste stream process can automate tasks to save money make your job easier. Watch Video to See How

Since 2008, we’ve helped companies divert

millions of tons from the landfill.

Every company has to manage waste removal, and committing to zero landfill demonstrates a brand’s social responsibility, opening the door to major sales growth. But, reducing waste can pose a serious challenge — for executives and facility managers alike.

At Link International, Inc., we’ve developed a cost-effective sustainability program model that helps businesses work towards zero landfill and provide 3rd party certified sustainability solutions to a company’s brand identity

Transform Your Sustainability Efforts

Waste Consultation

Waste Stream Consultation

Sustainability Consulting Services

Our team will evaluate your facility and develop a landfill diversion approach standardized across all of your locations. We have processes that can support distribution and manufacturing operations throughout North America and beyond. 

3rd Party Certification

3rd Party Certification

Waste Diversion Verification

We custom-tailor a plan to minimize waste, maximize value of your recycling program, and optimize your operation through effective training programs, signage, monitoring, and sustainability reporting.

Vendor Management

Vendor Consolidation & Management

Time & Money Savings

Our app-based service order systems makes placing service requests and tracking completion easy. Link confirms when requests are received and ensures materials are collected for beneficial reuse, so you can focus on your operation.

Reporting Services

Sustainability Reporting Services

Marketing Your Success

Our reporting system helps you develop Key Performance Indicators and measure your success. Monthly summaries of sustainability efforts and their environmental impact can be used for board member and shareholder reporting on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues facing their companies.

In addition to these services, Link International Inc. will work with facility managers to train employees on new sustainability methods and standardized processes. Transform your entire operation to help your team, your company brand, and the environment for generations to come.

Achieve Zero Landfill.

Achieve #ZeroLandfill for your company.

Comply with AB341 through our programs.

Green Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Reduce Your Waste

Tackling waste disposal management on your own can be a daunting task. To ensure government compliance, you need experts that can take a bird’s eye view of your operation, streamline a cost-effective solution, and offer 3rd party validation for that solution. At Link International Inc., it’s our goal to help each client reach their sustainability goals and work towards a cleaner, eco-friendly tomorrow.

Small Business Zero Waste

Food Waste Recycling

Case Study

Link International contracted with a food manufacture who produces 2,100 gallons of liquid food waste a month. We are working towards compliance with Assembly Bill 1826 while reducing their operational cost.

Our Clients

Diamond Wipes
Pier 1
APL Logistics
Lithonia Lighting
Cooper Lighting
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