Waste Vendor Solutions

Our services deliver customized solutions for waste minimization throughout your supply chain.  The over-arching goal is to achieve the optimum balance of maximum diversion from landfill, minimum carbon footprint, and cost containment.  Link International’s experience and national vendor network makes us a premier commercial and industrial waste recycling company.  Our experts, systems, and processes reduce the cost of handling byproducts through a carefully conceived combination of reduction, reuse, and recycling options.  By measuring and tracking results we’ll meet, and often even exceed, your sustainability requirements and goals.

Resource Recovery

Our services go well beyond waste solutions, applying life cycle analyses to identify and prioritize alternatives to landfill.

Numerous municipal solid waste studies show that source collection and separation followed by reuse and recycling for non-organics together with composting and/or anaerobic digestion for organics are preferred over landfill.  We combine these with other options to create the most cost-effective strategies to meet diversion requirements while reducing costs.  Our waste solutions leverage best practices and the latest technologies to extract the maximum value from byproducts and minimize waste.  We use combinations of regional, national, and international recycling facilities to deliver the best tradeoffs between transportation costs and recycling profit.   We manage all aspects of resource recovery to achieve the highest recycling  profit in the market without any complications or headaches for our clients.

Waste Stream Minimization

Options for minimizing landfill include:  reducing byproduct generation, reuse and re-purposing, composting and anaerobic digestion, and clean waste-to-energy conversion.  The best processing plan can only be determined by a detailed life-cycle analysis.  The following list summarizes the process and some of the many solutions available.

On-site consultation and audit

Sustainability assessment

Cost-control analysis

Waste stream minimization

Recycling collection and separation

Organics collection and separation

Waste-to-energy clean conversion

Supplier compliance monitoring

Billing consolidation

Lease-to-own and rental equipment

By extracting the maximum practical value it is possible to economically achieve zero landfill and also reduce the consumption of natural resources.


Handling byproduct flow can indeed be a win-win situation rather than an unwelcomed burden.  Link International can address all your waste handling needs, with an emphasis on the most cost-effective alternatives.  We deliver solutions tailored to your specific situation, and stand ready for complex and specialized situations.

Corporate Citizenship

Ecological and economic sustainability are now widely held objectives.  Sound waste solutions are major contributors to sustainable manufacturing and distribution, minimizing a company’s environmental footprint, including net greenhouse gas production.  Putting that in the spotlight can be a big boost to the company’s image for customers, shareholders, and government agencies.

Regulatory Compliance

Link International has a proven track record of compliance with health, safety, and environmental codes and regulations.  We handle all those concerns so that you don’t have to.  Our services include working closely with city governments, waste disposal districts, and local agencies and vendors.

Cost Reduction

Improved handling saves costs while at the same reducing the waste stream.  Right-sizing together with selecting the best options boosts efficiencies and increases recycling rebates.

Environmentally sound resource recovery can actually provide profitable landfill diversion.