Link provides all customers with the information you need to track progress, to identify problems and anomalies, and to motivate your employees.  The data in these reports document compliance and substantiate eco-friendly accomplishments you can use to promote your company.  We create automated reporting systems, with on-line input forms and report generators customized for each client.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports combine data from all your facilities, suppliers, and vendors.  They cover the entire byproduct life cycle from generation to reuse to final disposition.  Summaries provide an executive-level snapshot and overview.

Interactive Reports, Charts, and Documents

Dollarphotoclub_57951755Interactive reporting is available online throughout your facility, and can be made accessible only within your facility and only to authorized personnel.  These reports include tables, graphs, and links to key documents allowing managers and operators to drill down into whatever level of detail they may need.

Users can select time periods and specify subtotals, as well as perform searches and download results to spreadsheets for further analysis or publication.  Example reports include total tonnage, percentage of goal reached, and status broken down by location and/or type of recovery (recycling, energy-to-waste, etc.).  Processing reports can also be broken down into hazardous versus non-hazardous materials and further into materials summaries (scrap meta, mixed plastics, etc.).

The reporting system can easily and quickly provide access to information as detailed as individual manifests and bills of lading.  At the opposite extreme it can generate easily understood summaries of progress and milestones reached.