Waste Consulting Services

We evaluate existing waste management strategies, developing and managing new byproduct landfill diversion methods. This information is available electronically. Our philosophy is to apply environmentally friendly and cost-conscious waste processing to your manufacturing and/or distribution flow, start to finish.

1. Evaluation

A team of our experienced professionals perform on-site audits as well as those of your suppliers and vendors.  Our evaluation identifies generation points together with requirements for collection and separation equipment and location requirements.  A cost-benefit analysis of the alternatives and trade-offs assures the most economical solution for meeting requirements and your corporate targets.

2  Managing Implementation

After evaluation, we’re ready to develop the necessary processes and systems.

Our implementation consultation services include the following.

Securing recycling and waste-to-energy outlets

Notifying vendors, introducing ourselves as your waste-management service provider

Creating management and reporting systems

Collecting and maintaining required documentation

We’re experts in clean waste-to-energy technologies that protect the environment from toxic gasses, particulates, and solids at over 25 approved locations throughout the country.

3  Vendor Management

Our consulting services stand ready to provide single-contact waste management services, no matter how complicated the process.  That includes handling all of your vendors as well as reuse, recycling, and other services so that you don’t have to.  Instead, you’ll be back to focusing entirely on your own business.

We take great pride in our reputation for unbiased evaluation, selection, and management of your supply and byproduct chains.

Link International works directly with your vendors to ensure that they’re following safe and cost-effective methods of handling hazardous materials, adhering to all regulations and requirements.  Our services include monitoring compliance to your program’s processes and goals as well as holding vendors to industry standard profiles for compliance and to achieving high-side rebates.

With our vendor management services you’ll enjoy the benefits of one-stop one-contact management and a unified reporting system.