We’re a full service provider for all aspects of waste disposal, assuring compliance while minimizing costs.  Link International is an industry leader, with national and international clients to include several Fortune 500 companies.  We have over 40 servicing locations throughout the continental United States.

Our goal is right-sized solutions for cost-efficient landfill diversion.


Our services cover byproduct management start to finish, providing visibly into recycling and disposal methods and their management at all your locations and for all your vendors.  We have our own facilities nation wide, and are experienced experts in working with existing service companies and franchise areas.  Link has you covered when it comes to local, state, and national regulations and initiatives.

Specialized Services

Properly planned and implemented byproduct management protects both the environment and company bottom-lines.  Our expertise and experience means that we can provide cost-saving environmentally sound waste solutions.

  • Zero Landfill Link International combines a variety of methods and technologies to achieve 100% landfill diversion.
  • Consulting Beginning with on site evaluations, our services follow through with sustainability assessments and cost-control analyses.
  • Waste Solutions Working together we’ll minimize your waste stream through strategies such as resource recovery, recycling, and waste to energy.
  • Reporting Our reporting services assure supplier compliance and consolidate billing as well as byproduct tracking.
  • Equipment Our lease to own services can provide financing whenever the return on investment of on-site equipment makes sense.

These services provide end-to-end control and visibility of byproduct life cycles of your own facilities as well as those of your vendors.  Link International can provide one process, one point of contact, for dealing with all of your waste handling needs.