Most enterprise agreements are structured as cost-plus vendor management programs allowing for a NET cost neutral or savings to the overall operation.  A sustainability baseline review will be completed to show an ROI.
This is not a requirement, but every vendor will be evaluated and benchmarked against company sustainability goals and initiatives.
This is quite common and can be amended or replaced under our program.
This is common as well.  The Link International team evaluates each franchise requirements and works within those rules and regulations to ensure sustainability goals are met.
Most companies do. In the recycling industry, volume drives return. By merging all of our clients’ commodity volumes and separating recyclables from single stream waste collection, there is a 15% average increased rebate for our clients.
We provide extended national bandwidth at no additional cost. We are also provide independent 3rd party documentation of all waste stream final disposition which is critical during audits. This mitigates corporate liabilities. Finally, we streamline your operation as it relates to waste, so instead of contacting multiple vendors, you are in communication with us, and we do the monitoring, negotiating, and scheduling on your behalf thus saving you time and money.
The company does not directly handle some waste streams due to generator liabilities and responsibilities.  Clients are consulted on how best to setup vendors to process materials as beneficially reused and or Link International will make a vendor direct introduction.
Beneficial reuse outlets for all waste streams are identified first.  Following this process, all procedures for handling waste streams are identified by the client and Link International team to ensure these processes are entered correctly into a site specific system.
The information required is necessary to properly evaluate current landfill diversion percentages and NET ROI to engage in a sustainability program. A non-disclosure agreement is completed by both parties prior to collecting data.
Most clients see this program as a transparent step towards Social Responsibility.  Other clients have used this as a marketing opportunity to gain or sustain new market share.  Overall this program will allow proper 3rd party validation of all waste streams avoiding landfills.
Our standard template offers transparency in tracking waste stream types, volumes, weights, costs and rebates. Secure online access is available. Customized reporting is offered as a value-add option as well.