The sustainability programs our team creates and manages for our clients require the correct collection bins, waste and recycling equipment to capture the program’s ROI. We have partnered with key equipment manufacturers, equipment brokers, and service technicians with over 25-years of experience and proven integrity. Link International’s goal is to make minimal profit from the equipment and maintenance services sold to our clients. The equipment side of our business model is set up to insure our clients hit the sustainability goals highlighted in our programs.

PM Service

Streamlining equipment maintenance insures equipment performance and lessens the likelihood of it failing. We encourage all of our clients to sign up for a preventive maintenance program that fits the usage of their equipment. Peace of mind with some insurance helps keep the operation flowing. Link International clients that are part of our sustainability program will receive 35% off of PM Services.

24-7 Equipment Service

When waste and recycling equipment shutdown, it is very likely an operation will shut down too. With over 25 years in the waste and recycling equipment repair service, our contracted technicians are the best in the industry. Responsiveness and equipment knowledge are what our clients will get when they call for service.

Equipment Financing

No capital budget, not a problem. Business is business and if there is an ROI against a commitment to a sustainability program Link International will assist in the financing of equipment. This is an option that we try to lead with for key opportunities, but there are also other financing partners we are teamed up with to assist our clients.

Used Equipment

Waste and recycling equipment are typically overbuild to last for years and years without any major issues. Our service technicians typically see 15+ year old equipment in perfect condition allowing for years of future usage. Uses equipment is typically 40-60% less than a new equipment purchases.

New Equipment

Similar to buying that new car, our clients will get the manufacture warrantee and backing of a solid purchase. Most of the newer equipment has monitoring and sensors on the equipment to show any equipment failure prior to shutting down. There may also be tax incentives depending on the state that the capital equipment is purchased in.