Certified Destruction Services

Up-cycling and reuse are generally the most ecological and economical ways of handling waste and byproducts. But sometimes destruction is necessary to protect your brand and/or limit your liability. Link International’s certified destruction services assure that the whole process, start to finish, is performed properly in a secure and environmentally sound manner. We provide tracking and full documentation, and of course a final certificate.

Why Certified Destruction?

Destruction is warranted whenever harm could come from products ending up in the wrong hands. That could be healthy and safety concerns for defective or outdated products, or for harm to your branding and reputation for faulty or discontinued goods. Link’s controlled handling and assured destruction will take them out of circulation and prevent any illicit re-introduction into the marketplace.

Proprietary Information

All media — whether digital, films, or paper documents — need thorough destruction to prevent disclosure of proprietary information or personnel data. Electronic products often contain embedded memory with easily copied software, and it’s also important to protect the very design and appearance of prototypes and product test runs from disclosure.

Brand Protection

Sub-standard products have a nasty habit of finding their way back into the market, whether through street sellers or unethical shops. And people will still associate those products with your company, hurting your reputation. The temptation for profit makes a tracked disposal process vital.
Items worthy of destruction include: branded uniforms, damaged goods, discontinued products, manufacturing overruns, obsolete inventory, off-spec items, promotional merchandise, seized counterfeit products, and unused product packaging.

Limit Liability

Defective and expired products expose your company to liability risk if they’re not properly destroyed. This includes recalled and off-spec products as well as end-of-life equipment. Products and equipment no longer meeting government regulations, and in some cases your own internal specifications, should also be destroyed.

Environmental Goals and Regulations

Final disposal in a landfill has it’s own risk of liability from toxic hazards and environmental regulations. That’s especially true for pharmaceuticals and many types of medical equipment. Link International’s extensive experience with recycling and disposal is an integral part of our destruction services, minimizing final landfill as well as minimizing handling and disposal costs.

How Is It Performed?

Certified destruction services must maintain security and tracking from start to finish: collection and transportation, destruction, materials recycling and recovery, and final disposal. We use GPS tracked collection vehicles to transport your products offsite and into one of our secure facilities. We maintain a “chain of custody” throughout our process to maintain security, confidentiality, safety, and compliance with state and federal destruction laws. Upon completion we issue the certificate of destruction. We can also work to maximize U.S. customs and duty drawbacks.
Our services actually begin with a consultation regarding your scope and requirements, identifying the best methods, and then combining them into a process tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We actively listen to your concerns with a goal of reducing liability, and saving you money without compromising your corporate priorities or brand. You’re welcome to witness the actual destruction, or view it remotely.

Link International

Our goal is to pursue sustainability while reducing hazards, risks, and costs. From FedEx to semi-trailer and rail-car sized lots we’re your one-stop company for certified destruction services. We work with leading total product destruction sites throughout the country. Those sites have state-certified scales and liability and employee dishonesty insurance. Each will certify compliance in destruction and recycling or disposal.
Link Internal is a full-service waste solutions company with 10 years of nationwide turn-key service experience in minimizing end-waste at the lowest net cost.